Sunday, September 21, 2008

千七百二十四: F4 + F1 prelude

Hot yoga yesterday and I think I put in my worst effort yesterday.. was feeling very lethargic & with all the muscle ache from the past week, I couldn't bring myself to just strain myself a little bit more. I had gone to the gym Mon - Thurs & yesterday this week and since Monday was a Public Holiday (敬老の日), I caught 花よし男子 ファイナル the movie with A. 小栗旬 as 花沢類 is so cute!!

saw all the preparations for the upcoming F1 races when the bus went past Esplanade yesterday, realised the race cars will have to go under the NDP carpark area as part of their race route. how dangerous!! and the roads are really narrow, I hope the whole race will go safely w/o casualties..

had lunch with H yesterday at shokudo - first person to treat me to a birthday lunch this year! thank u H, hope everything goes well for u from now on..

Received a few more communications from unexpected sources this week.. maybe the stars & the planets are aligning for me since its my birthday?


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