Thursday, October 09, 2008

千七百二十九: Half-assed Efforts

I realise I can't stand people who put in half-assed efforts into things they do. eg, friendship, relationship, work, games etc. I put in whole hearted effort in almost everything I do, feel guilty afterwards if i didn't and i get infuriated at people who give up halfway. what's wrong with them? they start out doing something, somewhere along the line think that it didn't seem to be going the way they want, then just quit? very unsportsmanlike, very quitter. the ending is what your efforts lead to I thought, so if you try your best, you might not get the expected results, but you probably will get something near right? if u stop halfway, u disappoint people who had believed in you & your efforts.

sick of everything at work.

only consolation is ryo coming soon.

i miss him.


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