Thursday, October 30, 2008

千七百三十四: 色々

OK i'm blogging so regularly these few days cos I'm waiting for my hair to dry after showering so late at night.

going to gym tmr with A cos I haven't been to gym with her in a while.

going to be in overseas this weekend for a short long weekend trip. yes, monday is another Japan holiday. hohohoho.

today one of the managers came back from jp and bought us omiyage also.

haven't posted up the picture i took with the snake at the APOC 10th anniversary dinner last friday:
me & snake

It was dry/ not very heavy/not slimy, not as scary as I expected.

work is piling up a little because I've been doing alot of other stuff at work. Its really hard trying to work with 3 minds, trying to settle x and Y and z stuff all at the same time.

so sleepy now, will update more coherently after some things do get settled.


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