Sunday, November 16, 2008

千七百三十九: missing home.

some complaints.
- I can't stand cab drivers who dunno the way then try to overcharge me.
- I feel so lost w/o internet for the first 2 days
- Google Maps is useless.
- They should inform people when there are no escalators/elevators in the train stations (thank god for good samaritans who helped me with my luggage)
- I hate tiny hotel rooms/ they make me feel so claustrophobic.
- i had room service for the first time in my life yesterday because I was scared to leave the room alone at night.
- the weather hasn't been very good; thank goodness i brought new boots :p
- been here 2 days and all i've done is sleep off jetlag.
- i miss home. i miss the food..... i realise i definitely prefer asian food.
- w/o internet that's free; i realise i didn't need my pc at all.


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