Tuesday, December 02, 2008

千七百四十三: almost the end of 2008

I had a shitty day yesterday. You know how it's weird that you mourn so much for the loss of a friendship. Other issues including him reconsidering the future led to more tears. u noe how pple are not frens anymore the way they abandon u even when u cant stop crying. didn:t stop the whole bus ride and ultra embarrassed but the tears just wouldn:t stop. some kind soul tried to console me over the phone but the kind voice just made me cry alot more.

My eyes were swollen this morning.

Sister is back in workplace as a temp. Work was hellishly busy today. the idiocy of some pple today irritated me to no end. Maybe I'm too hard on others & myself about work mentality.

Lunch at hanabi, first time eating there. 豚キムチ was super good. Sashimi was so-so. Soba was bad. 手巻き not bad.

Bowling practice today fluctuated between good and poor. I found a good song which had a rhythm that suited my game. The music does matter, at least to me. Am trying to listen until i can hear the song in my head.

Have picked out the card design with H on saturday. going to pay dinner deposit tomorrow. debating whether some pple should still be invited or not. but then pending replies from some pple as well. dunno whether i should chase the remaining for replies.

How I wished this was 3 months ago when everything was different and I didn't have such weight on me. In another 4 months I'll be gone from all my friends and family.


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