Wednesday, December 10, 2008

千七百四十六: Issues

not much happening after the bowling, in fact felt abit aimless after having bowling. its like ... nothing to work for, nothing to look forwrd to. nothing to bring the group together. it was fun to have a common goal.

today's session nearly killed me i dunno why. think the aircon was too strong in the studio, because my mouth felt so dry towards the middle that I choked while breathing and couldn't catch my breath back and just started choking and coughing.

Something's wrong with the safari browser. it just stops loading pages. at first I thought it was just the office network but I realised its happening at home too. I guess it's time to try some other browser. Dlding Google Chrome to take a look now. hopefully no issues with loading.

was so stupid I dunno why i started crying when complaining to H on the bus today. tears of both anger and sadness I guess. dunno why i'm so emotional these few weeks.

& my mom kp-ed at me when I asked to borrow some money to tide me over the credit card bill payment even though I said I would return her when my pay & bonus comes this month. the stress of the monetary issues/ the planning alone/ the running around to meet the vendors alone/ the worries of not being able to finish things is really driving me nuts. head kinda hurts most of the time and I can't really focus on work also. help!!!


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