Wednesday, December 17, 2008

千七百五十: Clearing Up

cleared up alot of stuff over the weekend. mentally/physically/and my room i guess.

was reading The Further adventures of the London Call Girl - didnt even noe it was in the house, sister must hv bought it and i found quite a lot of reality in the book. (besides all the erotic tips she was giving.) As in, the characters really reminded me of pple i know and their respective problems. read it thru the weekend while helping my mom to shop for her dresses.

Found the Memory Keeper's daughter in the house as well, have started on it. Am at the part where Norah wants to give a memorial service to the baby girl she thought had died. wonder what will happen when she realises that her husband had lied.

Yoga at the gym today. due to lack of sleep and hunger, did not have much energy. went to look at running shoes before gym today. I think i will go with adidas but got to check up abit more before buying. Have decided I need to look better & so that i can run with Ryo in future.

went to finalise the dress design with XQ and XH yesterday. her baby is sooo cute. (his eyes are half the size of the face when wide open) i think the dress(es) will turn out well. :) appreciate them staying the whole time giving comments and trying to visualise what it will look like for me.

have to find the sylvannian family mice tomorrow. today the iphone gave me such a huge scare by becoming de-activated. (which resulted in Ryo having to change his phone for a new one, losing all his data and stuff), luckily Daniel had his ipod cable and i was able to re-activate the phone. but how/why did that happen??


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