Saturday, December 20, 2008

千七百五十四: Xmas shopping

Since I was at the gym in the morning today at Millenia walk, decided to finish up the xmas shopping directly as well.

& i finally started running with my new shoes. 4km on the treadmill straight w/o stopping.. speed 9km/h so i guess u can calculate how long it took me. quite slow, but pretty ok for someone who hadn't even wore running shoes or ran only for the bus for nearly 8 years.

legs felt a little weak after that but not too fatigued. I guess I should be able to go a longer distance the next time. wasn't very happy when A said she always do like 15 min of 5.5km/h (= 5.5/4 = 1.3xkm?), 8km/h for 15 min (=2km) then cool down walk of 5min of 5km/h (= 400+ m) then she equaled it to me running for about 27 min non-stop for 4km. erm.. if i was walking so slowly i dun put in so much effort and would be like doing 6km instead of the 2km?? distancewise is the same of cos, but it really belittled my efforts in trying to start running.. tot she was pretty insensitive but didnt say anything. & i did hot yoga after the run & she complained hot yoga was quite relaxed today. -.- well. of cos if u miss the start of the class there isn't much left to tire u out. I dunno why but i just feel like recently her words are irritating me..

fish head curry for dinner ~. dad bought mom a necklace to wear at the dinner. today they went for my cousin:s wedding and got angry that my cousin's gf didnt bother to come greet them as relatives even. I must remember not to make this mistake.


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