Thursday, December 25, 2008

千七百五十八: Christmas 2008


Marini invited us to her place for an xmas eve dinner last nite and me, Suki, qling and Jamie went. had a mini gift exchange after dinner, and dinner was sumptuous. super gd sharks fin, mee goreng, pizza, chicken wings, calamari and Jamie made soyabean milk herself. after that played uno, laughed at each other, discussed some of my plans with them. pretty gd to meet up with them after not seeing them since sep when they celebrated my birthday for me.

Dinner with XQ at Bukit Timah Market, had stingray (very good) / horfun (very tasteless/bland)/ kuay chup (not bad). had a good chat of alot of stuff.. was quite touched when he showed me the card in the gift shop which said some stuff about friendship... (showed me becos he put it back after i read it and said great, since i noe how he feels he dun need to buy the card le ... grrr ) glad to have met him before he leaves tomorrow.. after that just hung out at coffee bean until he left to meet jw at harry's bar.

first piece of completed card out and i would say its definitely as good as anything sent for shop printing. :D am very glad I bought the calligraphy pen as well. will work on the rest tmr onwards. so happy to have something moving along!


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