Tuesday, December 23, 2008

千七百五十七: Friendship

I dunno what i've done to offend pple by crying.

When someone cries, the right thing to say would be "dun cry la, small matter" not.. " u think the whole world is centered around u ? pple cancel on u last minute just means u are not priority" i would think?

how mean was that!

even if u think the person deserved to get hit by a car, i dun think u would tell that to the person when u visit in hospital right?

seriously... all i've been trying to do was be normally civil and i get offensive comments and hostility and criticism back at me. i guess i better not say anything to avoid such situations anymore. if u feel that u hv been a great fren to me, fine, u can find fault with me and i will take it. but if u haven't been a very gd fren to me, is there any right u have to criticise me on my expectations of friendship? because i am ur fren i wont expect anything less of u, i would wan u to achieve ur best whereever and whenever. why would I be a lousy fren and say , dun need to get A la. B is good enuff. ??? seriously. if i was a lousy fren i would see u do alot of stupid stuff and just keep quiet. its like .. u wouldn't just keep quiet if u see the fren had something in his teeth? u would tell him to remove it, because its embarrassing for him and he would be happy you told him.

too high expectations, i dun think so. but if u think u would rather i keep quiet than tell u what i see wrong, i will.

i ran 5.74km today at 35 min.
not bad for a 2nd try.


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