Tuesday, December 30, 2008

千七百六十: New Year Holidays!

a little early but so thankful for JP holidays which starts like now!! will only have to return to work on Monday next week. SHIOK!!!!

which gives me a lot more time to do the things i need to do. cards are half done, now putting the addresses on, and starting on the lunch ones. bought the paper today at art fren, had to think of how to get the printing on it for a while (& what to actually put on it).

so sleepy / heavy headed today. i'm torn to just finish up my own stuff or to finish up the work stuff. but then, this is the holidays, why should I prioritise work? i always end up doing that..... such a workaholic.. :(... must stop doing that in the new year.. very looking forward to waking up late & just slowly meander around the house doing nothing. ゆっくり。。。


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