Sunday, January 04, 2009

千七百六十四: Spa & Shopping

went to JB with M & J yesterday mainly for massage/spa and the exchange rate made it so hard not to splurge there.

massage/body scrub/hydro hot tub for 2 hours plus at about S$100. woohoo!

Edes Spa

Had the chance to go through the new Malaysian customs building which is linked directly to the 3rd level of City Square, making it alot safer to stay late in JB since we don't have to walk across the dangerous notorious petrol station where so many robberies took place.

brightly lit Sultan Iskandar Customs & Immigration

& M intro-ed us to the super super super delicious ice shavings stall in the 2nd flr.
think its the way the ice is shaved, they just taste so soft, not like ice kachang all packed together!

back to work tomorrow... 1 week went by a little too fast.. :(


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