Saturday, January 03, 2009

千七百六十三: Baby Colin

Ate at Sakura today cos went to visit XH's baby boy. :D

He smiled so happily at me so many times!

then we discussed the program for lunch in the afternoon & found the most useful stamps at JP in the afternoon. :D:D:D

will show that off later.

XH said I should write down more happy stuff in my blog (so that I will remember the good stuff). sounds very correct.. but I realised I didnt really have much happy happenings since there are some stuff I can't talk about here until really finalised, and the people who find out first from me would have chatted with me already. But I guess its for myself to look back on so I'll make an effort bah.

For starters, today watched Yes! Man with H. Super funny, but Jim Carrey is really aging. he did alot of funny faces, some of the jokes only me & H were laughing (same wavelength) like the Karl ... Marx one. (no one else knew who's that?! abit shocked) but the running-photography in the show really amused me and he also said something which really made sense "anyone can take pictures standing still!" .. shall try doing that.. with digital camera instead of her polaroid. her motorbike picture turned out really cool though. :p

ok time to slp & spa-ing with the girls tmr.


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