Thursday, January 01, 2009

千七百六十二: Happy 2009!


Happy New Year!

I realised i didn't really make any resolutions last year except to clear out excess baggage. Succeeded on some counts but added on extra baggage on others. argh. I don't know what I want to achieve this year. to make my vows and keep them? みんなと自分でも幸せになるように。

This year is going to be majorly life-changing. (in less than 2 months in fact) Getting abit of the jitters thinking about it, the question is.. Am I really ready?

had a wonderful/relaxing house party at M's place last night and watched the fireworks from her place. Called Ryo at midnight JP time to wish him a happy new year as well.. I was falling asleep b4 midnite here though (missed the 1st min of the new year for the past 2 years as well due to .. being in the loo and falling fell asleep) We were able to see the fireworks from all 3 locations in fact, Marina Bay, Mt Faber, and Sentosa; her place was such a prime location / height. We felt the effects of the Mt Faber fireworks like thunder and lightning, very cool!

This morning we went to Vivo to watch a movie, wanted to watch Ponnyo but the shows were full til 5pm (we were there at 11.20am) so we watched bedtime stories in fact. super funny!! Adam Sandler is really the best. :)

Some more movies to watch - Yes Man, Seven Pounds, Inkheart, POnnyo. I don't think i'll get a chance to watch twilight anymore :(

gym & Xh's place tmr.. and my week of holidays is almost over... so fast!!


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