Friday, January 16, 2009

千七百六十九: hell week

so so so relieved this week is over. thought I would die from the sudden deadline changes from next week to this week but turns out I was faster than I thought I would be. have to do abit more work this weekend so that I won't be in such a mad rush next week. 

Met up with both consultants to decide on the deco/colour schemes. one more thing off the lists.

had a great time with H going around esplanade area playing with his dslr after meeting Joey from Ritz. 

Passed YY her card yesterday and I realised how blessed I have been with all the help I'm getting, esp from my old friends even though I only meet them once in a blue moon. First XQ gave me the best idea for the favours & the dress design, H gave me the best idea for the cards and turns out he has the camera to help me with photographing as a friend, Onigiri helped me gave me a great idea on how to deco the favours, HW accompanied me to run so many errands and helpfully added the montage item to the photographer's to do list, my sis helped me visualise the final card design, Y turned up to be the lost videographer n the cake idea was from her too. X came up with the program & volunteered to help me take charge at both lunch & dinner as coordinator. SF recommended her photographer to me, M & the girls agreed to being the emcees w/o 2nd thoughts, and of cos many other friends who offered their help knowing i was planning & going about this alone here. I love u people! 

i wan to go to spa and destress quite badly. sighz. 


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