Wednesday, January 28, 2009

千七百七十三: Anxiety attacks

I'm avoiding looking at my own blog cos of the ticker there. 23 more days. siao liao.

Today someone also reminded me only 3 weeks left.
I looked at the calendar on my desk and I'm like panicking in my head. Only 3 weeks?!

scheduled a date to meet with the girls to finalise the script / Program & runthrough.
have to go get the materials so that we can probably make the wrist corsages together that day as well.

i haven't the faintest idea what song to use for the montage. still. I think i better finish up the reception montage first since that seems tons easier.

Guest books to be done oso.

program sheets in japanese for his parents.

seating plans / charts.
welcome board.

Music to be burnt in CDs. cousin gave me a very clear idea of what to do about this so that I can minimise the need for music.

panic panic panic.


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