Saturday, February 21, 2009

千七百八十一: Last day

last day of being single.

does saying your vows really change your mindset overnight that you have become unavailable to other people now for life? no backing out now?

waiting for my nails to dry. yes at this hour because some family member decided that the job she volunteered for was too difficult for her busy lifestyle and she foisted it back to me at the last minute. I really don't know why she insists on making things difficult for everyone. why she feels that putting in full effort at my own wedding is a waste of time/money, "its only a wedding wat". why she volunteers to do stuff yet complain and complain about how busy she is and had no time to do and its something she dont like to do. Why did you volunteer to do it if you find it such a chore? u think by taking it and complaining about it to me, u are helping me? to listen to u complain, i would rather do it myself, and not be made to feel guilty i burdened you with it. "i am not a calculative person, else I would have asked you back for the medical fees i paid for you last month" if you are not calculative, why are u even remembering the medical fee thing? the mental stress of handling this person is the most difficult task of this whole wedding. not anything else.

actually I think all the things i want done has been roughly done. praying for good weather & cool breezes as well and of course for the guests to enjoy themselves and some time to myself & ryo for a change.


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