Tuesday, March 24, 2009

千七百九十二: Marley & Me

I wonder.

I watched the movie with H today. The movie today was funny, but not a tear came to my eyes when the girl & the guy beside me started sniffing. I sat through it dry-eyed, but i enjoyed the movie alot. the dog (marley) was so so so cute, and the movie put me off both having a dog & kids. haha.

Saw trailers for so many other shows, Handsome Suit (ハンサムスーツ) etc. Don't know if I have enough time to watch them all?

Trying to organise a paintball session after the original organiser got mad at me. but getting a pretty good response so far. :)

procrastinating about packing. & I haven't cancelled my FF gym membership yet. only about.. 24 days left in sg.


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