Wednesday, April 22, 2009

千八百零一: Settling In

Marriage isn't easy at all, especially if you are alone here.

Shopping for all the new stuff was fun, but when it came to the daily mundane living stuff, disagreements came up. (or should i say he showed his black face when I asked him to fix up the clothes rack ...) do I have to do everything?! then, it was hard to ask him to give me money to get the groceries even though he asked me to cook dinner... :(

but everything smoothed over last night. went to get more groceries, went to the bookstore after work a little to browse.. almost couldn't pay cos I had so little cash with me. he enjoyed dinner, he saw that I had done the laundry & vacuumed the house, guess he realised that i was putting in quite alot of effort. I can't wait for friends to visit though. There is such as thing as seeing too much of only each other .. more so for me since I'm in the house most of the time. I now kinda understand why my mom makes such a fuss about cleaning the kitchen, if it isn't yours you don't feel it, but i do get irritated when I have to step on sticky floor in the kitchen.

Really happy at all the people who pinged me on msn to keep me company throughout the day... else time crawls by.

my next door neighbour is an old auntie who is a little unfriendly.. another house sounds like they have 4 dogs. but the dogs are really quiet in the daytime though.

Photos of life in the new home here or in facebook if you're connected to me..


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