Thursday, April 16, 2009

千七百九十九: thank you

thank you to all the people & friends who arranged the farewell meals, the surprise events, the presents & the luggage.

had a good dinner & time to myself the night before and finally completed the 3rd book. I actually quite liked book 3, but would have been happier with a more vivid description of how the evil vampire was killed. the killing scenes in the book is sorta non-descriptive (the line would always be like the person describing it thought it was too gory for the listener, ie Bella, so he just skipped the parts) and I would get a little irritated at that.

finally I've sent my office 荷物 by singpost today, 50kg in all by ship, maybe have to pay myself since the recipient is my home address. Thanks to my boss & Julius who very patiently helped me carry the boxes to the post office & then wrapped, taped & address the boxes..

finally I've checked in my luggage for my flight a day early as well, 63.7kg, 13.7kg in excess of the allowed 50kg. Luckily they only made me pay for 5kg (at $30 per kg it totally wasn't cheap but considering i had 14kg excess it was a good deal) and last minute, Shinji & Hiroki offered to come help me at about 7+ pm when I seemed to be panicking. It was a good thing they came over, I had 5 boxes & 1 suitcase in all, & dad didn't bring the trolley back so he wouldnt have been able to carry everything down by himself or just with me & mom helping. quite touched actually, they stayed until nearly midnite with me at the airport when I had to negotiate for them to waive the excess charges & to collect my boarding pass. (T.T) I think they are going to miss me as much as I miss them . almost burst into tears when we were eating dinner & they were poking fun at me about whether I would cry at the airport tomorrow.

I need to get a handcarry luggage tmr after work.
i don't want to leave.
really don't want to.


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