Friday, May 01, 2009

千八百零二: Breather

UAT began this week & haven't had time to breathe with all the housework + work.

the good thing about being at home is that I can do work wearing whatever I want and I can cook whatever I want to eat for lunch/dinner. the bad thing is I can't walk around to my colleagues to chat when I want to stretch my legs a little. :(

joining the gym soon, not these 2 weeks cos I'm up to my neck with work anyway.

been waking up at 6.30am every morning with Ryo because
1. the alarm clock is beside me
2. I have to cook him breakfast . consisting of rice / soup and something.

this morning i woke up at 5.30am in fact. cos he had to catch a flight to tokyo. its super tiring. and I'm wondering why he can't just take a sandwich for breakfast.

Met Maya on tues evening for dinner at Oyster Bar Chayamachi , went to Loft to walk around. reminded me of the last time i was there it was with Ayaka. :(
met onigiri for lunch this afternoon, maybe dinner also.

ok back to work


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