Saturday, May 23, 2009

千八百零七: Status Change

I got my visa change approval postcard in the mail today :D that's pretty fast, I only went to the immigration bureau on May 7, today's 23rd. was expecting a few months! going to collect on June 1, with multiple reentry permit, then go to the city hall to get my alien card updated. their processes are really complicated ... very troublesome.

today i went to return the ipod radio alarm clock, or actually for repair, dunno why it just wouldn't power on. and only after a month! at yodobashi, the store assistant tried it himself, couldn't figure out why it wasn't working as well, just no questions asked said, "sorry, we'll replace it." just like that. got a new one, checked that it was working on the spot :)

went to look at cameras, as mine was losing the camera function. Although the switch was set to camera mode, it stayed in video mode, which means I couldn't take pictures until it changed randomly to shoot mode again.

was looking at Canon again, thought the Ixy 210is a pretty good buy.

I like the gold one, and since it uses the same battery as my current camera, I have 3 batteries so no worries about running out of battery. kinda thinking if I should get a camera with wide angle lens though...


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