Monday, May 11, 2009

千八百零四: Coldstone Creamery

Dinner with Capcom pple today.

so happy to have met them! esp my previous team manager who always gets teased by me about his age and all. we had some good memories of him bringing me to fujitv then after that I brought them to the Singapore restaurant for dinner in tokyo. with Fukushima-san too. we had okinawan food at Lumine (very near the office) and before that Manami walked me to the dept store & waited with me. I finally managed to try the ice cream from Coldstone creamery! there was a new franchise at Lumine, when every where else had long queue, this was the only place where there was no queue! In Japan, maybe they go nuts over all things american, like Krispy Kreme, ColdStone is something I was happy to eat but not really to queue hours for.

hopefully some time to shop tomorrow. Maybe some Korean food for lunch and then Italian food for dinner with Maya at Shibuya. :D:D

I think I'm still living in the Singapore timezone. and I sleep late while Ryo lives in the JP timezone so he wakes up up earlier and my waking hours in the day are especially long... (T.T) so tiring..


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