Friday, May 15, 2009

千八百零五: 自殺

I saw from the news last night, that >30000 people killed themselves in 2008 in Japan.
almost 20% were people in their 50s. most of the people who committed suicide because of depression (うつ病)followed by unemployment(失業), then failed businesses.

that's a large number of people...  

Yesterday my mother in law called me to ask if she could come over for lunch as she thought I was alone at home the whole week. I told her I was in tokyo and she was quite shocked. haha. oops. but actually I think I mentioned to her, or Ryo did say, but they didn't really hear. I don't think I want her to come for lunch during the day, dinner is fine, cos I'm working, then I have to help her solve her PC problems during work time?? abit weird right... In the end I told her we're coming back on Saturday, maybe weekend then go over. hmm. i'm not ready for visitors! my house is a mess... and don't really know what to talk about with her. and she might comment on the mess and try to clean up my house. after cleaning up the place abit more then see how bah ...

dinner with Maya on tuesday, she brought me to a really great italian place at shibuya with cute waiters. the food was good, service was good, we had counter seats with the window to the kitchen so I could look in which was quite interesting. had dinner with MS pple on wednesday, had a lot of drinks & funny conversations and we planned a holiday to Akita in summer. :) probably going to drive up in a 7-seater.

went shopping with Manami yesterday and bought some dresses but in the end Zara suited me the most. :)

today dinner with capcom people again.. tmr singapore food at Ginza!


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