Wednesday, May 20, 2009

千八百零六: Alien card

just collected my alien registration card this morning, apparently I have to go back to the 市役所 again after having gotten my visa.

wandered out this morning, feeling pretty worried about the flu. I tried putting on the mask Ryo had received from his office, but it was too big, and there were spaces all over which totally didn't protect me. after a while, having adjusted the mask for the 10th time in the sweltering heat, i gave up and just took it off. after all, if everyone else was wearing a mask, that would make me pretty safe from their bacteria right?

watching gossip girl season 2, i think I liked this season better than 1, last season was a little too much drama for me with so much drugs & betrayal for 17 year olds??!

influenza infection count up to 200 people. this is like a game of resident evil coming to life except not that serious yet hehe and no one becoming zombies.


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