Monday, May 25, 2009

千八百零八: 悪夢

I've been having many strange dreams lately. It only occurs when I go back to sleep in the morning after Ryo leaves the house.

This morning, I had a nightmare, about this old auntie who was pretending to be a sales lady, in my room, trying to put on a necklace from behind me. She instead started to hold me in a grip lock by pulling at my hair and refusing to let go, and i was trying hard as hell to reach behind me and pull her hair instead but couldn't. So I was trying my best to open my eyes, to wake up to escape the nightmare, and only managed to with huge effort. woke up with relief, but with a huge headache as well, wondered why such a weird dream came about.

Last week, I dreamt about a train crash, from an eagle's view, where the train e-braked suddenly and the carriages behind the first one crashed into the first one. The train started moving again but at a super crazy speed and finally derailed a short distance away. very spooky, it was the kind of video image you would see in the news.

I also had a weird dream that Ryo was kissing some fat lady in a chalet we went together behind my back and when i tried to punch the lady, she barely took the punch w/o much effect and laughed at me in my face, while Ryo just ignored my confrontations and my screaming at him "WHY?!" .....

hope this is not a sign of mental illness. :P

went to the gym yesterday, tried their yoga class, was pretty ok, nothing hard (maybe cos there were alot of aunties) but i had become unable to touch my toes after the long period of no exercise. :( then went to body combat after that because Ryo didn't want to join himself, and turns out its same as sg. :D good work out, but body aching all over now. must go exercise at least 3 times a week from now on..

The weather is pretty clear today .. oh damn its time to take out the laundry..
view of kobe bridge

P.S. I would love to add like a personalized tag to all my photos, but always wonder how people have the time to do that for every single photo, isn't it time consuming?


Anonymous yangkuo said...

if by personalization of photos you mean adding a watermark like the "booboogal.blogspot.com" text at the bottom left ... you can always use Actions (or macros in gfx apps other than Photoshop) to simplify the steps.

i'm quite sure you can also apply the Action to a batch of pictures too :)

1:46 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

u mean Actions in Flickr? I'll go check it out..

11:06 am GMT+8  
Anonymous yangkuo said...

oops, sorry for misleading sentence.

i actually meant Actions in Photoshop. other programs may have similar function but under different names like macros or playback.

here's a pretty good tutorial (text only) about watermarking in PShop -> http://photoshop911.typepad.com/help/2004/04/watermarking_ph.html

if you want a simpler and more specific tool just for watermarking ... i only found this freeware -> http://www.pmnet.info/watermark/

12:38 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

oh haha.. i don't have photoshop, so I actually added the line using picasa. actually I don't think I post that many photos in my blog so it isn't that much hard work :P

I'll check the watermark site out. Thanks!!

5:12 pm GMT+8  

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