Sunday, June 07, 2009

千八百十九: Wasted Sunday

Today, we went to Ryo's colleague's place for housewarming at 高槻市.

I kinda felt that it was a mistake to have gone.. he had only moved in 2 weeks ago, the whole place was a mess (no place to even sit properly) and about 9 pple went... wat a squeeze. and i dunno why they kept changing the channel to some boring show, when I could have watched movie / drama reruns. argh. then they just kept dragging on the stay .. from 1pm - 8++pm.. need to stay so long meh?!?! was bored out of my mind. and I had to do grocery shopping still, and had wanted to go shop for lights. what a wasted day!!

I found out that Japanese grapes are tiny!! about 1cm in diameter only...

A random shot of the sky today:


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