Friday, June 05, 2009

千八百十七: お久しぶり!

there are soyjoy vending machines in japan!


quite surprised, but then there are vending machines for everything in Japan, including batteries.

Met ex-capcom colleagues for dinner last night at a fusion japanese restaurant, (Unoya meaning Rabbit's house) and there were rabbit pictures & logos every where. their signature dessert was a rabbit mochi icecream dish:


Looks wonderful but it was hard to start eating such a cute rabbit. I ordered the crepe green tea ice cream instead:


delicious!! very filling though.. and photo with half of the girls:

we exchanged mail addresses & contact numbers, so that we can go for dinner again :D all the ladies at dinner were still single.. so i said i would introduce any guy friends even from sg to them.. any one?

& received my purchases from scrapbook.com this morning! pretty fast, only took a week :D bought this monogram stamper, so that i can personalise my stationery (ie envelops etc to write to people), and just for fun la actually.. and some ink, paper, stickers, stamps etc. so happy~! here's the stamper :

going to play with my new toys now. :D


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