Friday, June 12, 2009

千八百二十四: イカ墨パスタ

Ryo's mum (known as MIL in future) sprung a surprise visit yesterday to my place. She called me at 9am asking if she could come over at 10.30am i thought "what?!" and told her to come in the afternoon. The last time she had asked to come over on a weekday morning but I was in tokyo and didn't hear her phone call. I was barely awake & had to clean up the house in a hurry amidst doing my work. She asked why i didn't pick up the phone at first and I said I was in a meeting and she got all confused "what meeting? where are you??" i was like "??? teleconf.. you know, work? " then she was like .. "huh? work?" then i got tired of answering her questions since I was feeling grumpy from lack of sleep as well. I asked why she was coming over, then she just repeated she wanted to come over at 10.30... I got kinda irritated and said no, afternoon, i have work & she was like.. ok ,.. afternoon... and she didn't even call again to confirm the time & just showed up at my door at 1.30pm. !!!

& ended up I only was able to have lunch at 3++ pm after she left. and she snooped around, opening every drawer, opening every door & I was like .. ok... i didn't know japanese pple were like that?!? I was firstly unwilling to let people come to the house when it's such a mess after the housewarming fiasco at ryo's collegues' place, and 2ndly, why insist on coming over on a weekday? i"m at home but i didn't have time to keep chatting with you. She had PC questions and I tried to help her as much as possible, then after i finished she sat on the couch while i tried to finish up my work & kept chatting when I was only half-listening to her which might offend her both ways. - not paying attention to her / ignoring her while doing my work?? I mean, I'm fine with you visiting on wkends if you really insist, but weekdays, I don't want to offend you and I have no time to keep you company with tea/ cookies & chatting.. Luckily Ryo understood (he doesn't even answer / reply sms on his hp during working hours) & he said he would speak to her.

after she left, had to rush my work because I was supposed to get the scrapbook materials for the wedding photos & meet ryo for dinner. bought 2 white bound hardcovers, some stickers for printing & also stamps. :D can't wait to start making the books tmr.. we went to look at ovens and steamers & i think we'll end up with toaster ovens. I had squid ink pasta for dinner, it wasn't good because it was too garlicky and oily. looked pretty good though.



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