Monday, June 15, 2009

千八百二十五: Sports Day

Went to see Ryo's nephew's sports day on Saturday.


Quite interesting, all the students were split into red team vs white team and all their victories were to chalk up overall points for their team. They had some games like tug the pole (as in the pic) but I was wondering it was really a feat for primary school kids to drag the pole back to their line.

The sports day was supposed to have begun at 9am, but. Ryo hadn't told me about it, and his sister in law only called me at nearly 2pm. when i reached there, MIL was really surprised to see me & I think she was quite embarrassed that she didn't remember to call me to go. She mumbled something about, oops, didn't know you were going to be here, there's no more bento for you, some embarrassed excuse & I just couldn't be bothered. When you need help, u just invite yourself to my place, when you have family events you forget about me, oh well, what more can i say.. Apparently my attire of tank top & shorts drew attention as well, since all the japanese parents were dressed such that no amount of UV could get to them (caps, jeans, long sleeves, umbrellas etc). I was already feeling so warm in my attire, I don't know how they can stand the heat.

After the event, went to Ryo's brother's place to have whatever's left of the bento food, & stayed to chat with them and they treated me to 焼肉 dinner :D .

Spent sunday sleeping until like 4pm (omg!!) then had to wake up to start on the wedding photos scrap book.. have no energy / drive to do anything about it still; could barely wake up this morning.


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