Monday, July 06, 2009

千八百三十: Electronics Shopping

Last week was swamped with work again.. Due to people who can't seem to get the requirements & coding right, we have to keep going back and forth arguing what's right and asking the person to change this and that. the right thing gets changed, the wrong thing also gets changed, it's so exasperating!! mentally super tired out by the weekend. rarely that I don't even want to touch Outlook over the weekend, but that happened this week.

Did a ton of electronics shopping over the weekend, because it was bonus time for Japanese pple & besides bonus sales, there was summer sales springing up all over the place. Bought a 42 inch Regza, microwave oven, and toaster, kitchen rack, & some beauty related stuff. bought a fan last week finally as well but then immediately it started to rain everyday after that and the weather got cooler ..... -.- will get the tv tmr! quite excited, finally can set up the Wii & everything.

finally rushed out the scrapbook today, but abit sad the 2nd book of dinner pics was totally just pics and no scrapbooking.. no time :(


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