Monday, June 22, 2009

千八百二十七: Cookie Deco

Cookie Deco on Saturday, conducted by an ex Capcom colleague turned Pattisserie. She ready made the cookies/cupcakes & taught us how to put icing & cream & the silver salt beads.

Particularly proud of these 2, I can't bear to eat them yet:
High Heel Cup Cake

J for...

went to watch Rookies on Saturday as Ryo had free tickets. But Ryo woke up too late.. then we could only watch the 6pm show and walk around Yodobashi for a while before going home. W/o buying any fan/oven etc again. :S

managed to get tape for my scrap book at only 40yen due to the 500 yen discount from the point card :D

Yesterday did ironing. not feeling happy at all.


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