Sunday, June 28, 2009

千八百二十八: Baseball!

I went to a baseball match with Ryo today, Hanshin Tigers vs Yokohama Bay Stars!

Great weather, breezy but sunny. we had great seats, just behind the Tiger's bench area, and nearly ground level. :D

The match was a little depressing, with the star player playing badly, and the Bay Stars leading all the way at 2-0 until the last inning.

Many fans left after the 7th inning, I guess it was hard to think the tigers would win, even though 2 points was not that hard to catch up .. we stayed till the end, hoping against hope that some miracle would happen, and the star player got replaced when it was his turn to bat again. hehe. some angry old man behind me was shouting at him when he made the same simple error twice when it was his turn before & got striked out. but very exciting the last inning, very high tension in the air since no one expected the tigers to win. When they got their first point we were jumping around in the air, then 2 more players finally made hits & got to the bases, then 1 more out, and the last batter hit the ball to the far end and the catcher missed it, allowing 2 runners to hit home & the game was set!

Tigers out in the field after they got their 3rd point :)

Ecstatic Fans releasing balloons into the air

During the match, video clip of the Bay Stars player getting a hit.

Lucky 7 Balloons at the 7th Inning:

Last week, swamped with work, had no time to do anything. still busy with the scrap book. about 60% of the first book. now I'm thinking how i can finish the 2nd book by next sunday :(

got the Iphone 3GS! went to repair the sg Iphone, they couldn't check the hardware, and the fact was that it really couldn't detect any wifi anywhere, they couldn't do anything. In the end, just upgraded my jp phone anyway, since the 3Gs went on sale on Friday. realised the Video functionality is just multiple shots of photos. oh well, no hurry to exchange the sg phone, since the warranty is until September.

Ryo made an attempt to unpack his boxes & now the bookshelves are up. We bought more shelves yesterday for the bedroom, so I could put in my bears and stuff as well, & I finally managed to get rid of some cardboard boxes as well too & the bedroom is looking much better now :) Hope things go better from now on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am from NY city !

I like your blog .What is your opinion of Lee hyori ? she's Korean singer and model .

11:40 pm GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is Hyori videos !!



I love HYORI ...she is my sexy momma !!

Do you like Yori ?

11:46 pm GMT+8  

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