Saturday, July 25, 2009

千八百三十四: Flu

Espirit cap, A&F t-shirt, Uniqlo dry pants, coach swingpack + 1 canon ixy camera

I've been down with flu since last monday evening, the doctor said since I wasn't a high risk person i.e. pregnant or with other diseases, she won't be checking if I was H1N1. fever went up to 37.9 at one point, but didn't feel any cough or sore throat.

eating Tamiflu, & runny nose tablets daily & finally fever went down mostly after 4 days, but now i'm wondering if i should continue to eat panadol with a fever of 37.1 degrees? Feeling kinda drugged up these few days with all the medicine, head hurts & weird dreams as well. I been waking up at 4.01am nightly for no reason in between dreams.

boss keeps asking me for ideas on how to train new people. with my groggy state of mind, it's hard to be trying to recover whilst to think up stuff to train people. (being lowest paid in the ranks doesn't really help..) perhaps he should let me recover first .... :(


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