Tuesday, August 11, 2009

千八百三十八: Long Weekend

had a pretty good weekend after the awful week at work. - still trying to follow up on the forecast work :(

thursday - Chloe's XO fish head beehoon farewell dinner with ICAP team
Friday - Marche Dinner
Saturday - Sentosa in the late afternoon
Sunday - celebrated Baby Chloe's birthday with Dora & Marini & Shinji, watched fireworks in the evening.

This year's NDP was quite good surprisingly, although fireworks seemed to have been cut short in budget. The weekend was super humid & warm though, did anyone notice??

it's funny how people who seldom smile look so different when they really laugh :)

this morning an auntie jumped into the seat next to mine after the guy got up. We hadn't notice that he had actually got up to give up the seat to a pregnant lady, when the auntie sat down, the guy poked her and said the seat was for the pregnant lady... the embarrassed auntie moved away. I would have given my seat to the auntie if I had realised what was going on, but in such a case, does the auntie even need the seat? she certainly was agile enough to dive into the seat the moment it cleared. hmm.

Finally had a try of the Red Mango frozen yoghurt at Suntec. I like it better than Yami Yoghurt definitely, it's sweeter & fruits are fresh too :)



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