Monday, September 07, 2009

千八百四十一: Birthdays

Very busy with conducting / organizing training sessions for the newbies last week and no time to do any leisure surfing at all.. Fell sick on Wednesday (again), felt really woozy and feverish & had to cancel a few appointments.

in the midst of crocheting a bag.. at the crocheting the strap of the bag now :) never thought i was able to do this actually, but it actually isn't that hard. and the colour of the yarn was "rainbow", so made it really nice for a bag.

Henry & Yaohui gave me the first birthday treat of the month, on 1st Sept, at Thai Express :)

Yesterday the girls surprised me with a cake at Marini's place when we had a lunch gathering..

wishing very hard to have a birthday with the girls again the coming year

sighz. I don't want to go back Japan again...


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