Thursday, September 17, 2009

千八百四十二: Long week

Last week in sg for this trip.

Had a long 2 weeks because i'm single handedly doing everything. & meeting people for dinners & then going home to work some more because I didn't have enough time during work.

The bag is done. now working on a mouse.

Bintan last saturday with the JP team people, angsana spa again! :) seriously, I'm addicted to their spa services. KL is still the cheapest though. We stayed at Bintan Lagoon resort this time, got ourselves a villa with a pool, was really cheap at s$133 per person including ferry tickets, very much worth it :) a little too short, the trip was, but the weather was great at least..

customized board games

beautiful beach

My sis is back from London this week, quite happy but a little sad that we haven't been able to spend much time together except for the long beach dinner last friday. Hopefully I can make a trip to London soon :)

Have to plan winter break, & I hope next week I'll have a good rest from Silver week in japan.


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