Monday, October 12, 2009

千八百四十七: Gym

I made the effort to go to the gym today. Partly wanted to do some exercises to help my back ache. still aching quite badly every night, when I lie down then it really affects my sleep, and I hoped that working out might help stretch the muscles on the back as well and also because I'm getting fat. - jeans all became very tight..

Managed to run for about 4km continuously about 30min, abit slow but just wanted to ease into exercising after a >2month hiatus and also not sure if my back would break on me. I think running tires my arms out more than the legs, now my arms are kinda aching. Joined a yoga class also, realised the fats on my waist are blocking me from twisting backwards besides being inflexible.

Ok.. new role (but same job) starts tmr, hope everything gets better from now. missing some people alot. :(


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