Thursday, October 29, 2009

千八百五十: Blah!!!!

not very happy with work lately. so many redundancies, so many people who don't know they are wasting other people's time, so many irresponsible people. what's wrong with them? what are they making other pple's work difficult?

supposed to be packing for miyazaki trip tonight but totally don't feel any mood for packing. am very tired, have been finding it very hard to get out of bed for the past few days. I don't know if it's because my back hurts or because I went to the gym or because i've been consistently getting up at 6am to make breakfast.

discovered how to properly steam fish with the steam over microwave just now. (don't follow the guidebook, don't use the tray provided) I haven't drank coke for nearly a month. don't know how I survived; feel the craving for coke every day every meal actually.

been trying to run every time I go to the gym, so far 2 times a week, either before yoga or after yoga. but weight still hovering at 49kg. :S trying to go back to 48.. but the back injuries are worse than i thought. can't tilt my head back properly anymore, and i can't turn my body when i lie down to sleep. the moment i turn, i wake up in pain.

feeling very tired.... where is my first pay check...


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