Sunday, October 25, 2009

千八百四十九: 招财鸭

Finally managed to break the 500K barrier in bejeweled! was going to puke or go blind from the attempt to break 400k this week.

ok this ad about an insurance company is damn funny - about the manekineko (招き猫) + manekinekoduck (招き猫ダック)

The dancing cat is so lifelike & the tune is so catchy that i hear Ryo singing the song in the shower. hahaha ..

Was supposed to go gym today but felt very lethargic so just did some yoga at home, went to the supermarket & watched MR Brain at home. A pity it's only 8 episodes, because i really liked such shows like Hero where Kimura showed all those 推理 skills.

Lazy to go out, decided to just wear whatever i have to Tomoko-san's wedding party. trying to read the Nintendo book but am stuck in dragonquest DS. not very happy at work, too many 黒暗 happenings and people trying to be stupid. thinking what I should do..


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