Friday, October 16, 2009

千八百四十八: Halloween


Even the starbucks bear has been dressed up for halloween here. I think i'm going to get it tomorrow. :D

Finally end of 1st week. I realised that it's xinhuan's first week too :) well we survived. the only motivation is the upcoming paycheck.. I want to get a haircut, maybe colour my hair (but ryo's against this so we shall see).

feeling a little lost at work after almost 2 weeks of break, also very bad back pains due to gymming & muscle aches all over but I feel that i'm sleeping better (because i'm too tired) but i'm also back to the schedule of having to wake up at 6.30am to make breakfast so i'm not really getting enough sleep even when i sleep at midnight or 11 plus pm.

got 2 new Kimura CMs (commercials are known as CMs in Japan) on TV here, this one for a developer named TamaHome named after the CEO named Tamaki & built homes in Beverly Hills which I totally don't get..

And the New Toyota CM (look out for the kid at the last scene; he is the 店長 of a toyota showroom in all the ads, very cute):


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