Monday, November 02, 2009

千八百五十二: 日向岬

Hyuga Misaki :

very very grand view of the pacific ocean. the noise from the waves is really loud, but the cry of the eagle can be heard over everything. Very scary that eagle, it came so close to our heads that i was kinda screaming and crouching in fear.

i bought a new hoodie jacket! it's so colourful, very comfortable too :) took a photo with the Miyazaki Mayor Moai Statue in the new jacket :

They built replicas of the Easter Island statues in Miyazaki to promote world peace:

also, very commendable, Tomoko's dad handdrawn this pic for all the guests at the wedding. super cool, he did this like 2 weeks b4 the wedding!

ok tomorrow will be heading to Tokyo, I've had enough of non-city life for a while.


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