Friday, January 01, 2010

千八百六十四: Happy New Year

Immediately after Manami went back, YY came over from SG so took her & her family around osaka's main shopping area. walk until leg aching, was fun though to meet up with YY & catch up.

Tues & Wednesday & today was spent doing spring cleaning, clearing finally all the cardboard boxes from the time i moved in from the house. phew. what a relief to get rid of the boxes.

wanted to get a few more boxes today but didn't see anything nice at Ikea/Nitori so gave up. Wanted to get a coffee table on sale but the store was closed also, being NY eve. in the end, went directly to Ryo's parents' place for dinner & 年越しそば, then just nua-ed around playing DS & then heading to 西宮神社 to have our 2010 初詣 at midnight. The trains are running through the night tonight, to cater to the temple crowds. Prayed for a good 2010 for all my friends & family, hopefully 2010 will be less painful than 2009 was with so many changes. my おみくじ was a 凶 though, abit sad that my luck started off bad for the year :( luckily Ryo got a 大吉 to ward off my bad luck i guess.

Lunch at In laws' place tmr with maybe some 初売り shopping. Thinking if i should spend any money on 福袋、maybe will check out the shops at Hankyu Nishinomiya tomorrow. Some of the offers on the stores look quite good.

Happy New Year everyone :)


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