Sunday, January 31, 2010

千八百七十二: In Halmstad

Halmstad is a little town in sweden - about 4hours by train from Copahagen.

When i reached there on Monday evening it was snowing super heavily, the kind where you can't raise your head because the snow will hit your eyes.

dark & snowy..

the day after the storm

We went to the central area of Halmstad the next day, and saw a famous Picasso sculpture & I realised that the shadows were very very long even though it was only about 3.30pm.

super super long shadows on the snow

there was a liquor supermart there & there were some weird flavours on sale -

Wasabi + Lemon - anyone want to try this?

And I kinda had to take a 2nd look when I saw this:
nudelbar, did u think it was a nude bar? means noodle bar in swedish :D

We had a mini gathering with M & J's korean friends & got to know a bunch of very cute korean little girls (they are all about 21-23 years old).

Helsingborg/helsingor are the border towns linking Denmark & Sweden. They are actually separated by ferry, & I managed to catch the sunset on the Ferry yesterday.

scandinavian sunset

Had a good trip so far except for frozen feet daily.. yesterday was -16 degrees, crazy weather & i'm kind of happy I survived that temperature :) the only good thing about frozen toes is that they are numb & you don't feel the blisters that form on the side of the feet from walking too much in enclosed shoes. BUT definitely it means my shoes are not warm enough & I should get a pair of uggs for any northern winter trips in future. Stuff in sweden is so expensive its crazy - the GST / VAT is 25%. Luckily I'm staying with friends & can cook my meals / share what they cook. Am glad that i'm staying with friends because i would never be experiencing small town life / local life if I'm only touring with Ryo & got to know alot of new people as well. Seeing these kids party & have fun despite the bitter cold & walking everywhere in the cold kinda motivates me to nv ever complain about the weather in JP/London again. however, again, i guess I also learnt that i'm a city person & small town life w/o modernities / shops is not really a life for me. Oh .. & i didnt noe H&M originated from Sweden. & there are no starbucks here!!! i'm shocked about that.

Leaving tomorrow afternoon, happy to be heading back to the city after some recharging out in a small town. :)


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