Monday, February 15, 2010

千八百七十四: So many things..

Winter olympics is ongoing now & Japan isn't doing too well. no medal yet!! how disappointing. They seem to have a medal chance for 500m men's speed skating + figure skating though. Let's see how it goes tonight.

Just finished a conf call, another one in 1 hour 20 min, then I think i can sleep? :( have to stay up until 2am just for a 10min call, i can't wait for this torture to be over by the end of this week.

I went to Umeda alone on Saturday, because Ryo last minute said he hasn't made plans for this weekend yet & asked me to go check with the tour agents if there are any packages still available for some short of 1 day tour. went to check on 温泉 tours but apparently these 旅館s have like at most 10 rooms each so trying to make a booking a week before is like almost fruitless. Anyway, the agent didn't have anything left, guess we have to look online somemore.. :(

Was thinking of beautifying the house a bit and tried to search for table cloths but it seems like the table cloth is an uncommon thing in Japan. not a single houseware store sells tableclothes! weird!! gave up, in the end went to my favourite art store tools to just look around & saw a book about bringing colour pencils everywhere you go. (with a sketch book of cos) they made it seem so easy to draw / sketch stuff on the spot, that i'm just so tempted to buy a big box of colour pencils right there. managed to curb the urge to buy, instead went home & bought the book from Rakuten. hehe. saw so many cooking books which reminded of my sis making her own bread & thought i should start improving my cooking skills soon, since I'm running out of ideas of what to cook for dinner / lunch soon. I'm more interested in making my own pasta though, eg http://item.rakuten.co.jp/al-fine/al1310/ since I eat that alot, & maybe making gyozas/dumplings. Got a book of that, can't wait for it to arrive.. & went to the beads store, reminded me of my beads getting stale in my cupboard.. argh. it's really not 三分熱度!just that i have no time to slowly do these things now that work is like 80% of my time. I MUST START DOING SOMETHING PROPERLY NEXT WEEK!!!

think i should just start doodling with colour pencils anywhere anytime now. I'm kinda torn between the desire to keep the sketchbook very very very white & clean & pretty or to start drawing something. :( I'm a weirdo.

ok let me start doing something so that i can show for it here. :)


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