Tuesday, February 16, 2010

千八百七十五: Mad Rush

Didn't expect to be able to clear my work early so rushed out at 7pm to clear some errands - repair boots, get refund, buy colour pencils.

Managed to reach Umeda in 30 min & cleared 2 of the 3 tasks; the whole shopping complex was closed! a little shocked; should have checked the website beforehand... apparently it's written in the website:

sighz. wasted trip, have to go down again soon.

I didn't feel like cooking dinner after coming home so dropped in at the bakery & the lemon cream bread was delicious! the weirdest thing happened though, this guy also rushed into the shop before the doors closed, then at the cashier, at his turn, he realised he didn't bring his wallet or something, maybe left it at the office, and then he just apologised to the cashier & left w/o buying. Hmm, if he had just asked for help or something I would have just paid for him since I was standing behind him, and it was only 2 pieces of bread.. good deed for the day? when he rushed off i was thinking if I should have stopped him. oh well.. hope that wasn't his dinner or else quite poor thing.

managed to start drawing something tiny in the notebook, went to buy a few more colour pencils when I realised a set of 12 basic colours was totally not enough. But, to buy a whole new box was a bit stupid, and very expensive; think a box of 24 was like $50? don't waste money until i really finish a whole sketchbook first to see if i can continue this. :)


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