Monday, February 22, 2010

千八百七十八: 城崎温泉

We went to Kinosaki Onsen over the weekend; this town is famous for their crabs. As you can see, they have crab claws at the train station area for photos.

Everything that day for dinner was crab:
Crab Sashimi, crab hotpot, BBQ crab, かに味噌 (crab miso), Crab appetizers. think we had about 5 crabs each..
& I'm allergic to crab sashimi :( my mouth was itching very badly & lips turned red & throat also felt very funny after that.
Crab Sashimi

The onsen was in a separate building so we had to go outdoors in the yukatas provided. here's a pict of me getting ready to remove all the yukata :

Unfortunately, there's no pic of me after I remove the Yukata. hahahaha!

I've finally read "The End of Mr Y" over the long train ride to the onsen as well. It was a strange coincidence that I've never been able to read past the first page even though I've had the book since september, until now, after I've watched Big Bang Theory & then suddenly decided to read this book with all the stuff that was mentioned in Big Bang Theory. The book was mind-boggling to say the least, although a tad difficult with all the scientific theories mentioned, but totally engrossing & I couldn't stop reading it until I finished it.


Have to try to find a library with English books near my place. I can't possibly be buying english books all the time. & if I buy them, i won't sell them (I'll keep them.. ) so i need to get a library membership soon!


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