Friday, February 26, 2010

千八百八十: And the Best Girl Wins

Just watched Mao Asada & Kim Yu Na's figure skating performance on the news, Kim Yu Na's skating was spectacular, she definitely deserves the win. Mao was great as well, performing under the pressure of being the next skater after Kim Yu Na received the world's best score ever, I guess she lost her focus halfway through and missed her jumps.. :( What a pity, she would have definitely got the gold if she hadn't buckled, and her tears after the performance when she saw her score only ranked second was enough to bring tears to her supporters watching her on tv. I think the worst part of it came from knowing that it was her own mistakes that caused herself to lose the medal & that her rival did perform outstandingly well. But she did really well to continue to finish beautifully & to hold back her tears until everything was over & throughout the interviews. Well done!! I hope she can win the gold at the next Olympic games to prove herself.

It will be a year soon since I started playing Bejeweled. Which was basically to numb my mind from thinking about what happened a year ago. How time flies.


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