Tuesday, March 09, 2010

千八百八十三: Foooood

late post --
2 wkends ago, had some sushi & watched Avatar 3D. Avatar 3D was like really dark, as in after wearing the 3D glasses I couldn't really see the colours & stuff, so didn't like it that much. OK story, as usual, humans (americans?) just foist themselves on any community with violence instead of diplomacy to get what they want w/o care for this community's needs & culture & tradition. Pretty much the same as that "documentary" - The Cove. But this definitely won't win an award against an Iraq war based movie i supposed, this is make-believe!!

Some pics to make u drool:
Spam sushi (Whale meat!)

Roast Duck Sushi

Had a good weekend with the ladies from Tokyo. They had come to visit Ayaka's grave on her death anniversary on 7-March. Manami & Akane came early saturday morning & we went to see the ikebana display Ryo's colleague had done -

Eco themed flower arrangement

there has been a huge renovation at Takashimaya Namba Osaka - which brought in Din Tai Fung! but long long queue, maybe I'll head there one of the weekdays instead.

We went to 心斎橋 after that, had お好み焼き for lunch, then lots of たこ焼き (Octopus balls)。Dinner was Korean food at Koreatown 鶴橋 where they are famous for their bbq beef。On Sunday, we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant at Nishinomiya Gardens, named Dragon Red River (abit weird this name) and it was really good. Then after we visited the cemetery, we had desserts at 御影高杉 (Mikage Takasugi) a famous desserts cafe in Kobe. Basically we just ate & ate the whole weekend.. Won't see the girls for a while i guess, but I'm happy they made the trip down. We probably will make this an annual affair.



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