Thursday, April 01, 2010

千八百八十八: Exhaustion

Visited Nara with Anna on sunday. Did not get harrassed by the deer (because there were soooo many tourists feeding them)

deer trying to get all the rice crackers in the kid's hands

at world heritage site, Todaiji (東大寺)

outside the temple

Went to watch soccer Gamba Osaka vs SAFFC for AFC. this is actually my first live soccer match in my whole life. I think because it was cold & the audience wasn't that many in number, the atmosphere was only half there. but luckily our seat was like near the goal & can see alot of action closer up. I don't think i will be watching soccer matches much because the stadium is just so out of the way. (1.5 hr from my place.)

{another picture is supposed to be here..}

work exhaustion, & my right eye has has been feeling really painful for the past few days. Finding it very hard to wake up in the morning as well, partly cold & partly really exhausted. working late lately because daytime is so packed with stuff to do. can't use the new work laptop yet cos there isn't a ras card reader with it & I had to order 1 myself in JP.

feeling shitty when i hear pple tell me sightings. "i saw .... yesterday" half torn wishing i was there to see for myself or another part of me just wants to pretend I don't know anything. keep thinking about the good times last year, re-reading email msgs, when everything was so different not even a month ago. & i just feel so helpless.


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